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This blog exists!

Lachlan Campbell is a superstar. Thanks to their advice and patience with my novice web skills, I was able to make this blog. This part of my site is powered by MDX and react server components. That means the copy of the site that's sent to clients is pure HTML, no JavaScript needed—so it's fast!

I can do a ton of things here, like render math:

sin(x)=eixeix2i\large \sin(x) = \frac{e^{ix} - e^{-ix}}{2i}

Throw in photos that don't shift the page when they load in:

Lachlan wearing a reflective bomber jacket appearing moody looking at an art exhibit in a window with green lighting

Am I a CSS expert now that I can even handle tall images? Maybe.

Hedgehog sticker pack screenshot

I can display code:

struct CubicBezier3D {
    typealias ControlPoint = Point3D
    let p0, p1, p2, p3: ControlPoint

Now all I need is to actually use it.